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3D Socks, 100 miles and Team Spirit

3D Socks, 100 miles and Team Spirit

As ever the days leading up to the Marlow Ride 100 were filled with comical challenges, needing to be overcome.

Having just got off a plane, returning from Copenhagen Ironman, where Lauren had obliterated a 10h 53min Ironman, her bike needed to reassembled and thoroughly cleaned (Lauren will explain one day..). Pete was busy rebuilding, retooling and making use of his 3D printer to replace items on his bike that fell below standard, or had simply buckled under previous power displayed…

Over the last weeks, I’ve maintained my title of Henley on Thames most injured man, constantly found on physio beds, Pilates mats or strapped to a Pilates reformer.

The biggest challenge in the lead up to the event was, of all things – sock length! With the clothing manufacturers attempting to reach the high demands to ensure the sock reached the bottom of the calf, which they didn’t. Therefore, our most respected rider of the group (Pete), outright rejecting the Meglio socks on offer, instead turning to his 3D printer to engineer specific socks to meet the required length and aero ability…

The 100 mile Marlow Red Kite Sportive set off and finished in Marlow. Marlow is a town in south Buckinghamshire, England. It is located on the River Thames, 33 miles west of Central London and 7 miles from Henley on Thames, where a number of Team Meglio, including me reside. The Red Kite Ride (RKR) sportive gives you a taster of the Chilterns, a top UK cycling destination. Beautiful rolling countryside, home to the graceful Red Kite, provides challenging climbs rewarded with sweeping descents. The Red kite Ride event featured in Cycling Weeky’s Best Sportives near London.

Team Meglio had decided to cycle the 7 miles to the event and joined a starter funnel at 8.20am. The roads were car free, the sun shone, and the hills kept coming. Luckily Pete was in full Team Meglio spirit, dialing back his speed and ability. Pete, an IM Kona veteran and of TT royalty has previously pulled out 100mile TTs in times of 3hr18 and completed the 12hour TT, where he covered an eye watering 312 miles in 12 hours. Mind blowing! Anyhow, Pete was happy for me to sit in behind him and take me on a tour of the Chilterns. As ever, Lauren was pulling the pedals off the bike and happily attacking each hill that popped up. As the Marlow Red Kite event organisers had released all the riders off in batches then the roads were not clogged with riders and unlike that busy ride round London, there was no reason to stop, other than to enjoy the beautifully stocked feed stations. Thanks guys.

Team Meglio stuck together, enjoyed the day, and chatted about the Team Meglio A race for 2020! I’ll be pitching the idea to Team Principle in the coming days.. so watch this space.

After a little amusement of battling a few other groups and riders, Team Meglio rolled over the line, together, smiling and in a time of 5hours 34. I quickly nailed two cans of coke (naughty but nice) and we set off on the 7 mile ride home back to Henley. As the maximum Id cycled this year was 60miles (nowhere near the 100miles of the event), I think the 7 mile ride home took as long as the event itself. Cycling out of Marlow I was overtaken by a child on a micro scooter, which was a first and hopefully a last.

The Marlow Red Kite 100 is the best sportive I have ever completed and offers options of 50miles and 80 miles. Give it ago – all money goes to charity.

Author. Barry Keane Team Meglio member, Meglio CEO ????

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