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8 Ways To Stay Calm & Healthy During The Quarantine

8 Ways To Stay Calm & Healthy During The Quarantine

Most of us are now facing the reality of restructuring our daily life. It’s vital to stay physically and mentally focused during this period. Finding time to recenter and make your health and wellbeing is imperative.

#flattenthecurve means to slow down the rapid spread of the Covid-19, according to the NHS. #flattenthecurve means social distancing and spending as little time as possible with friends and family.

But, staying at home doesn’t mean sitting on your sofa for days on end watching TV and being unhappy. It is an excellent opportunity to redefine your routines and take time for things you have always wanted to do. It is more than understandable that it can be overwhelming at the beginning. Fear is a natural human reaction. It might help to think about the fact we are all in this together.

At Meglio, we want you to make the best out of your new situation and to focus on the good things.

1 Stick To Your Routines

Due to the extraordinary circumstances, you might not be able to stick to your routine. A lot of everyday things like going out in the evenings for a drink, visiting a concert, outdoor activities or going to work are on hold at the moment. Staying at home is of great importance for the wellbeing of all.
If you are self-isolated at the moment and have nobody to share your flat and time with, it is even more important to stick to a routine and keep your mood up.

Top Tips:

  • How to start your daily routines? It might be tempting to spend all day in your comfy pyjamas. It’s really important however to remove yourself from this relaxed environment. Try to make a definitive switch between your relax/work home setup. If possible, try not to work in the same room you sleep in (E.G. your bedroom).
  • Make time for self-care and a healthy breakfast. Now you have more time to experiment with cooking and to discover new flavours of the world.
  • Create a working space if you’re now working from home.Take breaks and talk to loved ones when you feel the urge.
  • Avoid blue light (smartphones, laptops and TV) after sunset. This will block Melatonin production and can disturb your sleeping cycle.

2 Resistance Band Workout

Thought about trying something new? If you are someone who wants to spice up your workout routine, a resistance band can open up a world of new possibilities. Want to tone muscles you never thought you could? Look for our workout program collection with resistance bands and loops. There are countless ways to use resistance bands. A great benefit of training with resistance bands is that you are forced to make controlled movements which, on the other hand, can help you to prevent injuries.

Tip: If you are new to resistance bands start with the lightest resistance to get a feeling for working out. Your body needs time to adapt.

3 Home Workouts

Exercising is amazing on so many levels! It helps to get the circulation going, reduces stress, anxiety and depression. It is beneficial for the heart and the brain. It boosts mood and energy and improves the quality of your sleep. Never had the time to start a home workout routine? Now is the time to get it started.

Tip: Before starting any exercise, make sure to warm up your joints. Hydrate well and do not exercise with a full stomach.

4 Maintaining Hobbies

Even though times are turbulent and uncertain, it gives us a great opportunity to do things we always wanted to do, but never had the time to because we were always so busy.
Always wanted to read that one book you got for Christmas? Never tried the sewing machine? Ever wanted to have time to cook that one special meal?
This is the best occasion to focus on things you always wanted to do. And the best, no one is forcing or rushing you, and you can do it in your own rhythm.

Tip: Have you ever tried to make your own music? Or Singing? What about crafts like upcycling old items? Journaling is a great tool to organise feelings, worries and thoughts. There are many ways to keep yourself busy. Try to find something that brings you joy and where you can see results! Sharing your success with friends and family will enhance your mood. And never underestimate the power of decluttering.

5 Yoga

When you can’t go outside, go inside! A saying you can find everywhere now on social platforms. And it is so true. Yoga is the perfect tool to go inside and become aware of one’s feelings and emotions. Yoga reduces stress and boosts your immune system. Dedicating just 30 minutes a day for yoga poses and stretches will help you to conquer the day.

Tip: Make yourself a dedicated yoga area. Switch to comfy sports clothes and roll out your mat. Set up your laptop and let’s go.

6 Meditation

Anxiety, worries, panic, fear. All those emotions are natural and want to tell you something. Studies have shown that meditation and breathwork are essential to deal with stress, depression and anxiety. Meditation will help you to get clear about your feelings and how to deal with them. After meditating, you might be able to see things in a different light and understand the meaning behind the current circumstances.

Tip: You can use guided meditations with specific themes E.g: ‘How to deal with fear’, ‘How to reduce stress’ or ‘How to deal with uncertainty’ and many more. Journaling can also be very meditative and healing.

7 Workout & Chat With Friends – Facetime/Skype

Since most of us are advised to stay at home, it can be a fun idea to go on a ‘workout-date’ with your friends via Facetime, Skype or any other communication channel. Whether you perform a joint exercise routine or simply discuss the events of the day, it is an excellent way to keep your spirits up during the day. And it is so much fun! All people are looking for a connection, fun and some distraction. Why not make the best out of it with a ‘workout-date’? You are simultaneously destressing and sharing laughter with your friends. You can break your solitude and feel connected and do something good for your body.

Tip: Exercising in the mornings can assist your brain to keep the serotonin levels high throughout the day and let you sleep better at night.

8 Keep Your Mind Active

Keep your mind active during these rough times. You can start a course on a topic you were always interested in. E.G: Photography, Arts, Spirituality, Handicrafts or anything your heart desires.
Riddles, puzzles, crosswords are perfect ways to keep your mind active. Try out a Rubiks Cube. You can find alternative ways to learn maths on the internet. Especially when you are rotating in your four walls or feel stressed out, a little sudoku can help your mind to maintain sharp.

Tip: Contact your friends and make a little crossword challenge in real-time.

Embrace this opportunity and get the fittest and happiest you have ever been. And always keep in mind, you can be a role model for so many people. Stay healthy and safe.

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