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Coronavirus: How To Continue Running Your Physiotherapy While Isolating

Coronavirus: How To Continue Running Your Physiotherapy While Isolating

How to keep your practice virtually open and keep physiotherapy going?

Even though the Coronavirus forced us to slow down public life, some people are still in need of physiotherapy. Physiotherapists help us get back on track after experiencing an accident, an operation or other chronic issues. They are an essential part of the healthcare system, and thanks to their expertise, they can often perform small miracles! Common problems such as back pain, muscle imbalances, stiff neck, painful joints can be eased with the help of therapists.

It is essential to follow the NHS and government advice on the current situation. Here are some links to monitor the current situation:

Our physiotherapy heroes are needed more than ever. Great flexibility from therapists and clients is needed.

Even though you probably are not able to conduct a hand-on therapy session, there are some ways to support your clients and help them through uncertain times:

Video Consultations

In some cases, you might be able to offer video consultations to your patients. You can help them to structure their daily life and provide help in unclear situations. It is a way to reinforce the client’s initiative. To ensure that the well-being of your patients is guaranteed in any case and to take into account the high level of safety requirements, make sure to stay connected.

Anyone with a stable Internet connection, a smartphone, tablet or PC and a prescription for physiotherapy can take advantage of this telemedicine option.

You can use Skype, FaceTime or Whatsapp Video for your consultations.

Dee Opp from Shares her experience and how she does video yoga classes.

I have been practising yoga for 30 years and have seen my practice evolve and my ability to overcome adversity increase in my own life. I feel the reason I have been practising is to prepare me for times like this. This current sate of a global pandemic is challenging on so many levels. Even though I am physically isolated, I am choosing to feel part of the whole.

Even though I am on lock down I am choosing to remain focused and available to offer a bit of solace to those who need a bit of calm in their life. Technology is working in our favour to allow us to connect with others virtually. The best advice is to make it all about connection and care. As human beings we need to be heard and seen. Offer small bits of information that they are able to practice on their own. Empower people to care for themselves. This could offer us a chance to radically alter how we perceive the whole health care regime. All providers of health care can work virtually except for necessary hands on manipulation which is still valid and needed. But for now we can focus on what we CAN do, not what we are no longer able to do.

I have had profound interactions on-line as a yoga therapist in training. As long as we can communicate clearly and with compassion, the opportunity for a therapeutic exchange is always possible. The most important exchange between two beings is kindness.

Yoga over skype Virtual consultation

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Video Exercises

You can compile and record video exercises or guide them via video consultation. Feel free to browse our Meglio TV library for inspiration. Video exercises are an excellent tool to assist in therapy sessions, especially when you are not able to put your hands on your patients.

You want to be there for your patients even in times of crisis and prevent them from regressing in rehabilitation. And perhaps a small video exercise session is also a welcome distraction in these difficult times.

Equipment to use at home

Meglio is currently still delivering products. We offer the necessary supply and equipment for all kinds of exercises (resistance bands & loops, massage balls & eggs, yoga mats & co). Your patients can purchase on and get the products delivered to them. To keep an update on our delivery statuses, please check our website or Facebook page.

Exercise Gym Ball Anti Burst PVC


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This is a small ray of light, especially for those who are in self isolation.

Stay healthy, stay home.

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