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LIFT off!

LIFT off!

You’ve heard of HIIT. You’ve been terrified by Insanity. You’re keen to exercise but looking for something a bit less intense…

Meet LIFT – Low-Intensity Fitness Training. Accessible, achievable exercise for long-term physical and mental health.

And the best thing? Anyone can do it. Young and old, fit and unfit, newbies and pros, injured and healthy, children and adults.

Meglio has worked with personal trainer Emma Taylor to create a series of easy-to-follow exercises that anyone can do, almost anywhere. So you can get LIFT-ed in the privacy of your own home, at a time that suits you.

These exercises can become part of your daily routine. There’s no huge effort required, no special clothing, or expensive gym membership. You don’t have to waste time travelling to a pricey class. You don’t have to do it in front of an audience.

There’s no novelty factor – this is for life. LIFT is an exercise routine you can actually stick to long term. And one that’ll really make a difference to your health and wellbeing.

The benefits of LIFT:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Stronger bones
  • Stronger core
  • Weight loss
  • Improved mobility
  • Reduced stress
  • Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease

Emma Taylor is passionate about LIFT and its potential to get people moving. She says: “Low intensity exercise, such as walking and jogging, has a plethora of benefits. This gentler way of exercising is much more sustainable throughout life and is therefore arguably more beneficial. Working at a lower intensity will help reduce the risk of injury compared to working at a higher rate and will be achievable for a much larger percentage of the population. It is good for those who are new to exercise, those who are recovering from injury, those who have diabetes and also the older generations.

“Scientific research shows that regular exercise – even at a low intensity – can provide a simple way to maintain brain function, improve new brain cell growth and improve cognitive brain function. Regular low-intensity training can also help protect against a variety of ailments, such as cardiovascular disease and various metabolic conditions.

“Since we’re a society that doesn’t exercise nearly enough, I was keen to be involved in the LIFT project – to help show people that even just 20 minutes of gentle exercise 3-5 times a week can have a considerable positive effect on both their physical and mental wellbeing.”

Our first LIFT video features one of our most popular products, the Resistance Band.

Are you ready to make the shift to lift?

Check out the exercises and get LIFT-ing!


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