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The 6 Nations has arrived!

The 6 Nations has arrived!

To celebrate the start of the Rugby 6 Nations Tournament last weekend, we decided to take a look at how physiotherapy products are currently being used within the sport.

One of the more recent innovations used across a variety of sports, including rugby, is Kinesiology Tape. Meglio Kinesiology Tape is a versatile piece of kit, which aims to support and facilitate the recovery of the body. The tape stabilises the muscles and joints without limiting the users movement, making it ideal for professional athletes. Meglio kinesiology tape is extra strong and sticky, meaning it stays on for 4-5 days, even when exercising rigorously and playing rugby.

Meglio Kinesiology tape has been created in conjunction with sports and physiotherapy experts and not only supports, but also stimulates blood circulation to the body. Our tape is hypoallergenic, latex free, water resistant and easy to apply and can be cut to length to suit your needs. Also available as a 31.5m roll, we supply to the NHS, private physiotherapists and sports clubs, providing an economical way to buy Kinesiology Tape for those who get through large quantities.

More traditional tapes, such as Zinc Oxide Tape, are designed to immobilise a joint or to prevent pain when undertaking sports. Zinc Tape is commonly used by athletes to prevent sports injuries, or help wounds and cuts heal faster. It can also be used for the prevention of blisters by taping around sensitive areas prone to blistering, for example toes and heels when running. Available in two different sizes, Meglio Zinc tape is perfect to keep your joints protected during a physical game of rugby!

In more recent years, a lot more focus has been placed on finding the best products to help prevent an injury or to be used as a recovery method. Rugby players and professional athletes spend a lot of time using massage products such as, a Grid Foam Roller, to help muscles recover. Our latest video guide series shows you how to use Meglio massage products to help release muscle tension within your body. We’ll give you a step-by-step guide on how to massage specific areas of the body using our full range of massage products including, our Grid Foam Roller, Massage Stick and Lacrosse Ball.

Check out the full video guide series and experience the world of Meglio via our official YouTube channel. Subscribe now to receive all the latest updates from Meglio.

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