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Top 5 Asteroid Roller Moves

Top 5 Asteroid Roller Moves

Do you want to use your own weight more effectively in your training routine? Whether for rehabilitation purposes or strengthening exercises?

With simple exercises and little effort, you can significantly improve your flexibility and performance of your muscles, tissues and ligaments with the help of our Asteroid Rollers. Regular and selective training promotes muscle regeneration, releases tension and improves muscle performance.

You may feel tensions that do not dissolve through daily movement. Maybe you need a little support to get to the ‘sweet’ spots?

Tensions can lead to stiffness and pain in all areas of the body. This can either happen due to muscle cramping after exercising or by merely having wrong body posture.

Sitting for too long at the computer, incorrect smartphone use, wrong sleeping position and many more can add up to stiffness and tensions in your body. Our Asteroid Rollers can not only be used to relieve pain and assist in recovery, but can also be implemented as a versatile tool to help build up strength.

Strengthening exercises are as equally important as stretching and regeneration movements to keep your body in balance. With our Asteroid Roller collection, you can skilfully learn new moves and expand the range of your training routine.

What are the benefits of using an Asteroid Roller?

1. Go pain-free

How to relieve chronic pain? Many of us suffer to some degree from chronic pain at least once in our lifetime. Most chronic impairments are due to lack of hydration, poor posture or incorrect movement. We can influence many things by changing our lifestyles. By rolling your muscles regularly, you can contribute to having less pain and feeling more refreshed. Rolling your muscles might feel awkward and painful in the beginning. Just keep going, and in the blink of an eye, you will be able to explore all the benefits.

2. Nourish your whole system

How to improve nutrient supply in the body? By rolling your muscles and tissues, you bring vast amounts of pressure on targeted areas for a short time. This enhances the blood circulation. Stagnant and stiff tissue is supplied with vital nutrients and fluids. Well-nourished with fresh blood, these areas can more easily remove toxins and other impurities.

3. Enjoy long-term effects

How to feel better in the long run? Regular rolling makes the tissue (muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia, etc.) more flexible, resilient and smooth. You will recover faster from performance stress, pain and fatigue. Body fluids can circulate more efficiently, resulting in faster recovery after physical activity. You will also feel a relief in your brain, as you will have much less tension.

Asteroid Roller Exercises

Grab your an asteroid roller and enjoy this little strengthening sequence that will make you feel invincible. Combine regeneration and strengthening in one go. Take as many rests as you need. Remember to breathe properly and stay hydrated.

1. Glute Roll

Asteroid Foam Roller

Get seated on the roller with your right hip and cross your left ankle over your right knee. Gently, roll back and forth and feel your deep hip rotators. Take your time and when you are ready, switch to your left side.

2. Massage your Shoulder Blades

Get seated on the ground and place your asteroid roller behind you. Lie back down with your roller horizontally touching the shoulder blades. Bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the ground. Lift your hips by pressing the feet into the ground. Use your feet to move the roller on your shoulder blades back and forth. Repeat as you feel and come back down with control.

3. Quad Roll

Come down to your forearms with your body facing the ground. Place an Asteroid Roller underneath your hips. Engage your core to avoid overarching in the lower back. Roll down and pause just above your knees. Slowly take it back up to the hips.

Use this as a guideline to prevent yourself from running injuries. Give each exercise a try with up to 8 repetitions. In the beginning, it might hurt, but this feeling will ease over time. Make sure to take your time for each move and breath smoothly throughout the exercises.

4. Illotibial Roll

Lie on your right side with the foam roller just below your hip bone, and your right leg extended straight out. Now bend your left knee and place it in front of your right leg. For support, place your hand on the ground. Slowly roll your outer thigh from the hips to just above your knee. Rollback and play with moving back and forth as you feel. Switch to the other leg.

5. Calf Roll

Place your Asteroid ball or roller under your calves, right below the knee. Make sure you don’t roll to the back of your knee. Put your hands to the ground, right under your shoulders, fingers pointing forward. Push your hands into the ground and lift your hips, while balancing your calves on the roller. Slowly roll back and forth. When you are ready, switch legs.


Whether you like to expand and refresh your daily routine or if you want to experience completely new ways to do something good for your body, the Asteroid Roller is the perfect tool for this purpose. 

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