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Top 7 Foam Roller Exercises

Top 7 Foam Roller Exercises

Why use a Foam Roller?

Self myofascial or self massage can be used to release muscle tightness or tension within the body. Foam rollers are used to apply pressure to specific points of the body in order to aid muscle recovery. They can be used to tackle muscle tension for a wide selection of body areas including, Calves, Shins, Hamstrings, IT Band, Glutes, Quads and Back.

How Should I use a Foam Roller?

To foam roll correctly, you must first identify the key problem area or areas. Once this has been achieved, apply moderate pressure to the specific area of your body using the foam roller and your body weight. If the problem area is too painful to apply direct pressure, it's advised that you transfer the roller to the surrounding area, in order to loosen up muscle tension. You should always avoid rolling over a joint or bone. 

It is normal to feel sore the day after use, however you shouldn't push your body to an extreme level of pain. Your aim should be to relieve muscle tension, not to test your pain barrier.

Calf Exercise

Our latest video series features our favourite 7 areas of the body to exercise. We'll give you a step-by-step guide on how to massage each specific area using one of our foam rollers.

Our 7 Favourite Areas of the Body to Exercise





Find our final 3 exercise videos via our Youtube Channel now!


This exercise is great at targeting your tibia (Shin Bone) and for people that suffer with shin splints. To perform this exercise, place your body weight onto the foam roller and gently move up and down to target the problem area.

ITB (Massage Stick)

This video shows you how to use the Meglio Massage Stick to help release muscle tension in your lower leg. It’s a great device to be able to use because you can really change the amount of pressure applied by how much force you exert with your arms. The massage stick is great for releasing muscle tension across your whole leg from the inside aspect of the leg, to the quad, ITB band and calf.


This video shows you how to use a foam roller and lacrosse ball to help release tension in your glutes and the lateral aspect of your hip. The Lacrosse Ball provides a more localised pressure and a greater degree of release, but it can be slightly more uncomfortable. This exercise also helps to target hip pain, tightness and relieve pressure in the lower back if you’re suffering from back discomfort.

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