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10 Foam Roller Exercises Every Cyclist Should Do!

The foam roller is ideal for cyclists. The Meglio Foam Roller will help you to ease pain after a long ride. While cycling, your lower body does most of the active work. But you should never underestimate what the upper body does accomplish while riding the bike. While your legs work, your arms provide stability and take in loads of vibration. Get fit with the Meglio Foam Roller for your next bicycle adventures and increase your flexibility and range of motion at once.


# Reduces soreness
Reduce soreness after treating yourself with a foam roller. Tight muscles and fascia will get soothe easily.

# Detox
You can actively help your body to flush out toxins faster by using a foam roller. The roller boosts circulation what makes it easier for the toxins to be flushed out of your body. In combination with sufficient hydration you can do something good for yourself.

# Mobility
Soothe muscles and fascia increase flexibility and range of movement, which allows you to perform and feel better. Properly applied, the Meglio Foam Roller will enhance your performance and helps you to get on your bike faster.

# Comfort
After a short adaption period, the Meglio Foam Roller will help you to relax faster after long and hard training. Faster recovery means more time for you to feel good.

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Meglio presents you the top 10 moves with a foam roller for cyclists. Grab your Meglio Foam Roller and let’s get started. Try not to roll over your joints, keep it on your muscle tissue.

#1 How to foam roll your hamstring?

Get seated on the floor with your legs extended. Place your hands just underneath your shoulders. Now put a foam roller right below your glutes. Slowly roll the foam roller down by pressing your hands into the ground and shifting your hips backwards. Pause just right above your knees. Shift your weight forward to reverse the direction.

#2 Roll your inner thighs

Lie on your belly. Keeping your upper body square to the floor for the entire exercise. Place your arms slightly above your head and bring yourself up to the forearms. Bend the right knee and lift it up to the side of your hip, like a frog leg. Put a foam roller under your inner right thigh. Start close to your pelvis and roll it to your knee. Stop right above your knee and roll it back. Repeat it on the left side.

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#3 Roll your outer thighs

Lie on your right side with your body in one straight line. Engage your core and do not overarch in your lower back. Shift your weight to the right forearm and stabilise with your left hand placed in front of you or on the hip. Put a foam roller just under your right hip and roll it down. Pause before you reach your knee. Bring yourself to the other side and repeat the movement.

#4 Roll your quadriceps

Lie down to the ground with your belly facing the floor. Place a foam roller under your hips. Shift your weight to your forearms. From there you can play with the quad roll movement. You want to massage the front side of your quads. Stop right above your knee and take it back to your hips.

#5 How to foam roll your calves

Take a seat and extend your legs. Put a roller underneath your right calf. Cross your left leg over your right shin. Hook your feet together. Start now slowly to roll your calf muscle by pressing your weight into your hands. Make sure you start and end right before the back of your knee. You can modify the intensity of the calf roll by putting both calves on the roller and proceed with the movement. If you prefer the single-legged calf roll, repeat it on the left side.

#6 How to foam roll your glutes

Sit down on a foam roller and bring your weight slightly to the right. Cross your left leg over your right. Keep both knees bent and your feet flat on the ground for more support. Roll your right glute in tiny motions back and forth. Repeat on your left side.

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#7 Roll your back

Place the roller on the ground and lie down on the roller with the middle of your spine. From there, bend your knees and place your hands behind your head for support. Lift your hips off the ground and press into your heels. Roll it up by moving forward. When the roller reaches the upper shoulders, reverse direction and stop where you started. Make sure you don’t roll over your lower back here.

#8 Roll your lat

Bring yourself down to the ground and lie on your right side. Your body makes one straight line. Place a foam roller underneath your extended straight arm. Either place the left hand on your hip or on the ground in front of you for more control. Roll the roller down to your waist. Reverse movement. Watch your lower back while taking this position by engaging your core. When you are done, take it to the other side.

#9 Roll your pectorals (chest)

Lie flat on the ground with your front side facing the floor and your arms extended to the side. Place a foam roller under your right pectoral (chest) at shoulder level. Press with your left hand into the ground, lift your hips and knees and tuck your toes. The main weight is now on your chest. Roll your body back and forth to massage the pectoral muscle. Repeat on the left side. For the ladies, make sure you do not overdo this movement and stay in the range of comfort.

#10 Roll your forearms

Go down on your knees and place a foam roller in front of you. Now place both forearms on the roller. Start with thumbs pointing to the ceiling and roll back and forth. Don’t roll over your wrists or elbows. Play with the movement here by slightly pronate or supinate your forearms. For more intensity, place one forearm on the roller and cross the other one over.

Use these moves as you feel and give them 8 repeats each. The uncomfortable feeling will decrease after time. If you are a bicycle lover, make sure you make the best out of your practice with using Meglio Foam Roller to help recover faster, reduce soreness, get better circulation and feel overall more relaxed after training hard.

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