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100,000 views on Meglio TV!

If you haven't watched our videos yet, where have you been?

Watch FREE exercise videos and learn how to use our wide range of physiotherapy & training products. Meet the Meglio ambassadors, catch up on recent events and check out all the latest updates from our team.

After releasing Meglio TV in late 2016, our videos have seen a spectacular rise in popularity, with both views and the number of new subscribers increasing dramatically. We now have over 70 different videos available to choose from, including our wide range of professional exercise and application guides. Incredibly, Meglio TV has now been watched in 192 different countries to date; making our channel a great success all around the world.

We recently released our brand new set of exercise videos which is now live on Meglio TV. In this latest series, we feature one of our favourite and most popular products; the Meglio Resistance Band. Featuring exercises for the whole body, find out how to treat everything from an ankle sprain, right through to developing and strengthening your shoulders and triceps. Whether you're an experienced physiotherapist, an individual looking to recover from a recent injury or, if you just want to try an alternative exercise method, our videos are here to support you.

Thanks for reading and we hope you have enjoyed learning about the latest developments regarding Meglio TV.

Watch Meglio TV on YouTube or simply select FREE VIDEOS from the header. Watch videos about our products, our how to tutorial guides, meet our ambassadors and find out all the latest information from Meglio. Subscribe now to receive all the latest updates and content from Meglio.

We hope you are enjoying the Meglio journey so far and we would love to hear your thoughts. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with all the latest information. We always want to help you, wherever and whoever you are.

To find out further information or purchase one of our products, call us directly on 01491 520 718 or email sales@mymeglio.com to speak to one of our friendly team

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