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Tell us your story and win Meglio gear

This week we launched our LIFT project, an accessible and achievable low-intensity fitness technique meant for everybody and every body. Whoever you are – young or old, fit or injured, novice or elite athlete – LIFT’s simple routines can be a gentler path to a healthier heart, body and mind.

As LIFT was created to inspire those of us who sometimes need a nudge in the right direction, we want to hear how you achieved something inspiring using the power of exercise.

Maybe you overcame a career or relationship setback. Maybe you were fighting back from illness or injury. Maybe you completed your first 5K, or maybe it was just time to rediscover a better you.
We want to know what you did, how you did it and why. And as a thank you for sharing your inspiring journey with us, we’ll send you the latest, greatest Meglio equipment to help with your fitness journey.

Ready to be inspired?

Here’s one that we love, but don’t feel you need to be an Iron Woman or ultra-runner to make our Top Meglio Stories List!

What to put in your story

Need a hand creating your story? These questions might help you uncover the secret to your journey’s success!

  • How you went from zero to hero
  • What method you chose and why
  • What or who inspired you
  • How your exercise journey transformed other aspects of your life

How to enter

You don’t need to send us thousands of words or have perfect prose! Just tell us your story in your own words. We love a good photo too, if you’re feeling brave.

Send your story to info@mymeglio.com we can’t wait to hear from you!

Unfortunately we can’t publish all of the stories we receive, but if yours is chosen we’ll send you some free Meglio gear to kickstart your next fitness adventure.

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