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The Grid foam roller uses Matrix technology with three different textures that allow for three different types of massage methods. These three textures allow you to target specific areas and help channel blood and Oxygen to the muscles.

How to use the Grid Foam roller

The Grid foam roller can be used for your Hips, Calves, IT Band, Hamstrings, Back, Quads and Shoulders. The Foam roller targets large areas of muscles, so is more suited when you need to address larger muscles in the body, for smaller areas, take a look at our full range of massage products. To use the foam roller, roll slowly over the foam roller with affected muscles for between 30-60 seconds, it’s important that the movement is slow in order to benefit the soft tissue. The foam roller can also be used as part of your core work out.

Additional Information

  • 14cm x 33cm
  • Made from a combination of EVA and ABS
  • Colours – Orange, Black & Pink
  • Free Exercise E-Book

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