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Our Wrist support contains a metal splint to give your wrist the maximum support and protection it needs ensuring your wrist recovers as quickly as possible. Tested by hand and wrist specialists our wrist brace is commonly used to help recover from Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Arthritis and Fractures. The material used in the wrist supports supplies heat and compression to the bones and ligaments, whilst ensuring the wrist can breathe freely and feels comfortable.

The wrist brace is available in four different sizes, and has neoprene straps which allow it to fit any wrist size whilst maintaining the vital support element. The splint is also removable allowing for additional wrist mobility if required.

Meglio’s wrist support is used in a number of different sports including Badminton, Hockey, Golf, Tennis, Handball, Lacrosse, Gymnastics and for general fitness activities.

Meglio Wrist support size guide

  • Small - 12cm - 14.5cm
  • Medium = 14.5cm - 16.5cm
  • Large  = 16.5 - 18.5cm
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