Pre Cut Kinesiology Tape - Flat Pack


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The New Designed Meglio Kinesiology Tape

Our new flat packed Kinesiology Tape has been designed to make it easier for you! The Pre Cut Kinesiology Tape can be stored easily in the box maintaining its shape even when you take a strip of the Kinesiology Tape. One single flat pack Kinesiology Tape will fit through the letter box therefore there is no need worry about missing the delivery of the Pre Cut Kinesiology Tape.

How to apply the Meglio Kinesiology Tape

To get the best results using muscle tape follow the following steps. Apply on clean dry skin, handle the backing paper to avoid touching the glue, apply 30mins before exercise, round the edge of the tape, and rub the tape after application to activate the glue.

Additional Product Information

- Two colours blue & black

- Pre cut strips are 25cm in length

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