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Meglio offer two different types of skipping rope, the Pro which has Aluminum handles, and the more basic model which has plastic handles. Our Skipping ropes are ideal if you’re looking to strengthen your legs and lower body muscle tone. Research suggests that just ten minutes of skipping is the equivalent of running a mile and perhaps easier to fit into your daily routine. Using a skipping rope is also a great way to improve your footwork speed and coordination if you’re a boxer or martial artist. Moreover it’s a convenient and easily portable addition to any gym bag which can be used anywhere anytime.

Our Pro skipping rope has been designed with durable and light weight handles with additional grips for a firm hold whilst you’re performing your workout. The Stainless steel ball bearing offers a smooth rotation so is suitable no matter how intense your workout. Furthermore our Skipping rope have a 9ft adjustable cable rope and can be easily adjusted to suit your requirements.

Simple select which skipping rope will best suit your needs below.

Benefits of using a Skipping Rope with your workouts:

  • Increased Cardiovascular fitness
  • Full body workout
  • Target muscle toning workouts
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