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Stretch, flex & roll

Make your move, any move, and feel the flex.

Don't hold back

Take your workout to the next level!

Roll with it!

Find your foam rolling groove with our range of grid foam rollers.

Stretch to the max

Squat, donkey kick and bridge your way to tighter buns with our small but mighty resistance loops.

They’ll add an extra level of resistance to any exercise you’re performing, so you can also use them to build your guns, tighten your core and create a back that people can’t stop staring at as you leave the room.

Roll with it

There’s nothing like the feeling of a good sports massage to crunch out those knots, and soothe tired muscles. Targeted relief, and pressure that you can control, this is the quick and easy way to get back to feeling good after a great work-out.

Simply Irresistible

Clunky weights and clanking machines can be a thing of the past. We’re all about these bright band tubes, that’ll stretch you to your limit.

They say resistance is futile – we think it’s fun. And where else would you find so much goodness in such a tiny package?

Make your move, any move, and feel the flex.

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