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Use our premium high density foam roller to put an end to muscular aches and pains – it can be used during or after a work out to aid recovery and rehabilitation. Our foam rollers have the ideal density to perform an effective muscle massage and are made to last.

What is a foam roller used for?

Our foam roller not only helps relieve knots and tight spots, but also helps increase blood flow to the soft tissue. This can help improve your recovery time after an injury. Our high density roller is used to relieve pain from larger muscle areas due to it’s larger surface area and can be used for your tHips, Calves, IT Band, Hamstrings, Back, Quad and Shoulders. The user slowly rolls over the roller targeting the affected area for 30 – 60 seconds. The foam roller can be used for as little as ten minutes a day to help improve tightness, meaning it can easily be integrated as part of your daily routine.

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