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Introduction to Basic Sports Strapping and Taping (In-person Course 25.02.2024)

Introduction to Basic Sports Strapping and Taping (In-person Course 25.02.2024)

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Introduction to Basic Sports Strapping and Taping (In-person Course 25.02.2024)
Introduction to Basic Sports Strapping and Taping (In-person Course 25.02.2024)

Online courses might be the perfect way to keep your learning fresh and top up your CPD.

But in our experience, face-to-face learning guided by expert instructors is the gold standard when it comes to sports strapping and taping.

Sports strapping and taping play a vital role in injury reduction, support and rehabilitation for athletes of all levels.

Whether you're a physio, personal trainer, or aspiring sports healthcare professional, this course will equip you with the skills you need to strap and tape effectively in various sporting environments.

What Do I Get?

 ✔︎ Pre-course workbook
 ✔︎ 7 hours of practical training on basic sports strapping and taping
 ✔︎ Post-course video demonstration guides
 ✔︎ Meglio taping bundle
 ✔︎ 30% discount to use on your next purchase of Meglio tape
 ✔︎ Certificate of Attendance as evidence for logging your self-directed CPD
 ✔︎ Lunch and refreshments

What Will I Learn?


Your pre-course workbook takes you through the theory and considerations of sports strapping and taping with a link to your online assessment to review your learning.

Practical workshop

You'll get step-by-step demonstrations for commonly taped areas before practising them yourself. 

Our instructors will cover correct tape tension, proper positioning and optimal support in depth. 

You'll also discover injury management strategies and considerations and discuss common scenarios associated with strapping and taping.

Learn taping techniques for:

 ✔︎ Ankle 
 ✔︎ Knee
 ✔︎ Shoulder
 ✔︎ Elbow
 ✔︎ Wrist
 ✔︎ Fingers
 ✔︎ Common Taping Ancillaries

When Is It?

Sunday 25th February 2024
9am - 4pm

Where Is It?

Function Jigsaw Active Hub - Wigston
24 Long Street
LE18 2AH

Who Are My Instructors?


Julie (Jules) Hayton BSc (Hons)
Managing Director
Function Jigsaw

Michael Hainsworth MSc (Hons)
Lead Sports Therapist
Function Jigsaw

Meglio have partnered with Function Jigsaw, a multidisciplinary health and holistic care provider.

Managing Director, Julie Hayton BSc (Hons), and Staff Associate, Michael Hainsworth, will lead you through the workshop they designed themselves.

With over 20 years of experience in professional sport and an appointment book full of elite athletes - from Team GB sprinters and UFC fighters to England Rugby Union players and Olympic skiers - you can be sure you're learning from the best.

What Happens Once I've Purchased?

You'll receive a confirmation email with all the important details you need including:

  • Workbook download
  • Assessment link
  • Meglio discount code
  • Further details about the workshop

Is There Anything Else I Need To Know?

You'll be practising the practical techniques on yourself and other course attendees at the in-person workshop. If you don't want tape applied directly to your skin we advise wearing a thin, smooth base layer (such as Under Armour) which can be practised on in the same way.

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