We plant a tree for every order

With your help, we have funded over 12,000 trees across 17 international projects to date. 

From rehabilitating the last fragment of tropical rainforest in Kenya to restoring degraded land in Senegal, we plant a tree for every order, big or small.

You can read more about the projects we've supported here.

We plant trees with Ecologi

We minimise packaging

We ship most of our products in recyclable cardboard boxes without excess bubble wrap or unnecessary plastic protection. Where necessary, we protect your products when packed together with easily recyclable or reusable shredded cardboard, but in many instances, the box is enough to keep your products safe on the journey to you.


We think long-term during product design

Our resistance bands, resistance loops and resistance tubing use high-quality TPE plastic. TPE, which stands for Thermoplastic elastomer, is recyclable because it can be moulded and reused.

The TPEs used in our products also consume less energy during production.


We work with ethical factory partners

Before we start working with any new partner, we audit them thoroughly to make sure they share our values.

Our suppliers are accredited by the International Organisation for Standards (ISO) and have pledged to create our products to the highest possible standard while minimising the impact on the environment.

We're proud to say we work with factories that have sterling records on worker's rights, fair pay, anti-child labour and environmental protection.

We ship by sea

Shipping by air from our suppliers to our warehousing partners would be the quickest option. But it is the least environmentally friendly option, emitting pollutants that directly contribute to low-altitude pollution and global warming. 

To avoid this, we ship by sea, which has a much lower environmental impact. Shipping by sea means we can transport more of the products you need in fewer trips, and we plan meticulously in advance so that we know when to schedule deliveries.

We are ISO 4001 accredited

The International Standards Organisation certifies that Meglio complies with environmental laws and regulations in the UK and Europe. 

It’s only awarded to companies who have evidence that they follow procedures to protect the environment and reduce their impact on the Earth’s ecosystems.

We’re always improving our practices

Our promise is not perfection, but consistent progress. Our Carbon Reduction Plan targets the highest possible standards, starting now and continuing indefinitely. We promise to make sustainability and environmental conservation a part of everything we do at Meglio.