About Us

Meglio means better (in Italian!).

We've been supplying better clinical supplies ever since we delved into the world of latex allergy among health professionals back in 2016.

After over a decade of working with the NHS, our founders wanted to understand more about the condition they kept hearing so much about.

We found that quality latex-free products were almost impossible to get hold of at an affordable price.

So we got to work.

Today, we stand proudly as an official NHS supplier and serve over 1,000 clinics, classes and clubs nationwide.

From developing the NHS's first latex-free resistance bands to designing our own money-saving couch rolls (that actually tear properly!), we hold caring and curiosity at our core.

We’re a small team, but we make a huge impact.

Our size means we can respond to large, unusual, or one-off requests more quickly than our shinier rivals.

And we make your order count for more.

When you place an order, however small, we plant a tree on your behalf.

We have funded over 13,000 trees across 17 international projects to date, including tropical rainforest rehabilitation in Kenya and degraded land restoration in Senegal.

When you choose Meglio, you invest in our ongoing mission to develop better products for the industry that give your clients and patients the experience they deserve.

If you’ve ever thought, “I wish there were a product that did [the thing I really need it to]”, tell us!

(That’s exactly how our hypoallergenic massage oil was born: crowd-developed with customers like you)!

Meglio is passionate about supplying physios, sports clubs, therapists and other MSK professionals across the country and beyond with the best, independently quality-tested clinical supplies so that you can do things better, too.