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Couch Roll / Hygiene Roll - pack of 9 rolls
Couch Roll / Hygiene Roll - pack of 9 rolls

Couch Roll / Hygiene Roll - pack of 9 rolls

£23.94 £23.94 (inc. Vat)
Couch Roll / Hygiene Roll - pack of 9 rolls
Couch Roll / Hygiene Roll - pack of 9 rolls
Couch Roll / Hygiene Roll - pack of 9 rolls
Couch Roll / Hygiene Roll - pack of 9 rolls

Couch roll (also known as hygiene roll and bed roll) reduces the risk of cross-contamination in your treatment room. 

Our 40-meter 2-ply paper rolls are great for covering your treatment bed or cleaning up spills in the clinic. They are made from disposable virgin paper and are individually wrapped in protective plastic film to keep them hygienically clean before use.

And at the lowest price available in the UK you can finally say goodbye to cheap blue roll!

Meglio white couch rolls are:
  • Individually wrapped – to prevent contamination before use
  • Perforated – Tear to the perfect length to suit your covering needs
  • Super absorbent – to take care of lotions, gels, oils…and sweat!
  • 2-ply white rolls measuring 40m x 500mm
  • 9 rolls per pack

Why don’t you use recycled paper?

Our old couch roll used recycled paper. But it wasn’t the best quality. We had to order it from different suppliers and had no say in its design. 

Our customers told us that recycled paper rolls:

  • Tear when you open a new roll
  • The perforations are misaligned, causing the sheets to tear in the wrong places.
  • Are a crinkled mess as you get nearer the cardboard tube, making the last bit of each roll unusable
  • Falls apart when clients or patients turn over on the couch

This wasn’t good enough for us. So we collaborated with our factory partners to design our own.

We reckon you’ll end up using less paper overall and saving money compared with recycled couch roll because:

  1. Each application will use fewer sheets because the aligned perforations tear cleanly.
  2. No crinkling or tearing when using the last sheet or opening a new one.
  3. You won't have to reapply a fresh covering to complete your treatment because it holds up against even the wriggliest of clients
  4. At last check, Meglio couch roll was the cheapest available online compared with our main competitors

Why has your couch roll shrunk?

It hasn't!

As mentioned above, our previous couch roll was made with recycled paper. Recycled paper pulp fibres go through more processing than virgin paper, which gives recycled paper rolls, wipes and tissues a 'fluffier' appearance.

Our new virgin paper rolls may appear thinner than our old recycled ones, but that is because the sheets are smoother and of higher quality. This means they can be more compactly and neatly rolled onto the tube, saving you space as well as wasted sheets! 

Can I recycle couch roll?

Many online alternatives claim to be eco-friendly because people can recycle them. But the real answer deserves putting into context.

Technically, yes, you can recycle couch roll. But only if it is unsoiled. That means no one has used it in any treatment settings or for cleaning tasks.

If you have used or soiled roll you should dispose of it in general or clinical waste as appropriate.

You can recycle unused unsoiled couch roll and its inner cardboard tube with your paper and cardboard recycling stream.

Couch Roll FAQs

Which sizes do couch rolls come in?

Meglio virgin paper couch roll is 20 inches (500mm) wide by 40 metres long. 

Other sizes and widths of couch roll are available elsewhere, for example in 10-inch widths and 3-ply versions.

Why are there different colours of couch roll?

We only supply one type of couch roll at Meglio - our white, 2-ply virgin paper.

You may also see couch paper roll available in blue or pink. Using different colours of hygiene roll in certain settings can further help prevent cross-contamination. For example, you can use one colour for treatment tables and another for wiping tasks.

Which settings are couch rolls suitable for?

Any settings that have hands-on contact to treat patients or clients such as: 

  • hospitals
  • beauty salons 
  • massage therapy clinics
  • physiotherapy practices 
  • podiatry clinics 
  • GP surgeries 
  • acupuncture clinics
  • home-visiting clinicians

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