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What Is Cohesive & Adhesive Tape?

What Is Cohesive & Adhesive Tape?

What Is Cohesive & Adhesive Tape?

An elastic tape with cohesive and adhesive properties, they are commonly used to stabilise non-load bearing joints, mainly elbows, wrists and fingers. They can be used to provide assistance and compression to your shoulders, knees and ankles.

Made of an elastic, semi-rigid cotton, the tapes feel extra soft to the skin. Nevertheless, if you have sensitive skin, you can always use an underwrap tape alongside. One of its features is the strong self-adhesive side, which makes it super easy to apply and helps to stay in place, even under heavy use and challenging conditions.

It is designed to guarantee the easiest application through its cohesive & adhesive features. Durability, air permeability and comfort in usage distinguish its quality.

Are you are looking for the easiest way to support your joints during workouts?

These tapes allows you to focus on performance, not an injury by supporting weak (over-flexible) joints without immobilising them. Adherent on one side, it makes it extra-easy to apply and even add compression to your targeted area. You can easily decide for yourself how strong or rigid you want to use the tape, so it meets your unique requirements.

Benefits of Using a Cohesive & Adhesive Tape?

Self Adhesive

Our self-adhesive and cohesive tape makes it very comfortable to wear without worrying about it getting loose. It withstands challenging usage and conditions and ensures a durable and long-lasting wearing comfort.

Allows skin to breathe

Made of semi-rigid and flexible cotton fabric, it allows the skin to breathe. The skin is not irritated, and you can concentrate fully on your performance. If you are prone to sensitive skin, make sure to use an underwrap tape.

Supports without immobilisation

The tape enables you to support your weak and over-flexible joints without being completely being deprived of mobility. It keeps the joints in ‘place’ and therefore assists you to perform in proper alignment. Its elastic properties help you to achieve your individual natural movements.

Adds compression

Since it can be applied in numerous ways, you can add compression to your strapping technique or simply attach it as you require. Compression helps to drain additional synovial fluid from your joints.

Strong & Durable

Cohesive & Adhesive Tape is strong and durable, so you don’t have to worry about it getting torn or loose during heavy usage.

Unwind easily

The tapes are easy to unwind and helps to facilitate a smooth application without creating folds if applied correctly. An easy application will ensure better wearing comfort.

Who uses Cohesive & Adhesive Tape?

The tape is ideal for professional athletes and sport beginners. It also works for people who need some support for their joints after successful rehabilitation. It is a non-rigid tape which allows your joints to move and stabilise at the same time. It is perfectly suitable for shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees ankles and even fingers. Designed to give extra support to your joints without immobilising them.

How to apply the Cohesive & Adhesive Tape 

1) Prepare the skin

Clean, dry and shaved skin provides the best foundation to apply and ensures the best adhesion. Wash your skin with a mild cleanser and water and remove any lotions, creams etc. You might want to shave the targeted area to avoid any hair removal after detaching the tape. Alternatively, you can apply an underwrap tape to avoid direct stickiness to the skin and save your body hair.

2) Pick your size

The tape comes in various sizes. The bigger the joint, the broader the tape. Use the smallest size for finger strapping. For strapping (taping) e.g. the wrists you might want to use several sizes.

3) Handling the Tape

Unwind the tape by losing the edges evenly. Grab both ends smoothly and unwind the tape slowly. The best way to unwind it is as you go. Pulling large parts might cause a sticky mess.

4) Safety Application

The tape works best at room temperature (20°C). Do not leave the tape in your car or direct sunlight or at a very cool place. It acts as a compression tape, so you need to stretch the tape as you apply it. The more stretch, to more compression. Apply as you need. Do not overstretch the tape. Too tightly applied tapes can cause blood flow deficiency and may affect blood circulation in targeted areas.

If you feel uncomfortable, remove the tape, give it time to recovery and re-apply the tape less tightly. If you feel irritation caused by adhesive material, remove the tape and check with your health professional if underlying allergies exist. Discontinue using the tape. After it has been clarified, you can continue using the tape with attaching an underwrap tape underneath.


Get support for your joints with Meglio and make your training more accessible. The Cohesive & Adhesive Tape is the perfect accessory to provide assistance for weak and over-flexible joints without immobilising them. Stay safe and healthy with Meglio.

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