What's new?

We've had a glow-up.

But it's not all about looks. 

Here's how our new website makes getting your best-in-class clinic supplies an even better experience:

Faster website

Our new website is slicker and speedier, making that thing you just remembered you need while in-between clients even quicker to grab.

Easier ordering with fast checkout

As you're browsing you'll now notice two options for ordering: Add to cart and Buy it now

Add to cart saves the product you added in your cart for checking out later. 

Buy it now takes you straight to the checkout, great for when you only need to order that one product in a dash.

And when you're signed into your account with a Gmail or iCloud email address, the Buy it now button changes to Buy now with GPay or Buy now with Apple Pay, so you can checkout even faster.

Easier navigation

The menus at the top of the screen have had a tidy up so it's quicker and easier to browse by range or category.

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Grid/list view buttons

We've introduced options to switch between grid and list views so you can tailor your shopping experience to just how you like it.

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Compare products feature

In two minds about choosing between 1.5m or 2m resistance bands?

Want to check the price difference between our non-tearable and hand-tearable EAB?

The new comparison feature is here to solve your struggles.

Simply check the "compare" box on any products you're interested in, then view them all together in the "Compare" tab. You'll find it on the right-hand side on desktop and at the bottom on mobile. 

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Stock level indicators

Ever found the perfect product....then come back later to find it's sold out?

Our new stock level indicators give you an at-a-glance overview of how the stock levels are looking for each product.

Care information

Whether you've been wondering how to store your product or how to clean it once it's had a few uses, our new care information section on each product tells you everything you need to know. 

You can find it just below the volume pricing table. Simply click the arrow to view.

Better mobile functionality

When you visit our website on a mobile device you'll notice it looks cleaner and is easier to get around which speedier page load times

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Voice search

If you've had a long day of sports massages you can give you tired fingers a welcome rest with our new voice search feature. 

Simply click or tap the microphone icon in the search bar on mobile or desktop and say aloud what you're looking for.  

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(Currently unavailable on iOs mobile devices. As a workaround, you could use the voice-to-text option found in the bottom right of your iOs mobile device keyboard).