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The Meglio Dispenser Rack allows you to safely store and easily cut, resistance band rolls to the required length. Made from high-quality wood, our dispenser rack is strong and sturdy, allowing you to comfortably store your five rolls of resistance at once. Simply roll out the length of band required, cut to size and replace.

Our Meglio Dispenser Rack works efficiently within a private physiotherapy clinic and hospital environment, allowing the user to cut the resistance band quickly and correctly, saving valuable time for all involved.

If you haven't used Meglio Resistance Bands before, take a look here. Our resistance bands, boast proven performance, variability, and quality material to help you achieve your fitness, physiotherapy and rehabilitation goals. 

Available for only £65.99, the Meglio Dispenser Rack is an ideal companion for you and your clinic.

Size Reference - Height 80cm Width 23cm Depth 20cm 

*Scissors & Rolls not included.

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