Hand Therapy Putty 454g


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Meglio Therapy Putty are available in the following strength & weight

  • Yellow - Extra Soft (454g)
    • Red - Soft (454g)
    • Green - Medium (454g)
      • Blue - Firm (454g)

      Perfect for rehabilitation, physiotherapy and improving fine motor skills, Meglio Hand Therapy Putty can be used at home, at the clinic or on the move.

        Benefits of using Meglio Therapy Hand Putty

        • Increase grip, finger and wrist strength
        • Increase blood flow to hands
        • Reduce inflammation in hands
        • Supports recovery from carpal tunnel and tennis elbow
        • Improve dexterity
        • Wrist pain relief
        • Stress relief

        What Exercises Can Be Performed With Meglio Therapy Hand Putty?

        Meglio include a exercise guide with the set of four Hand Putty which includes the following details on the exercises below:

        1. Finger Abduction
        2. Finger Pinch
        3. Palmer Pinch
        4. Full Grip

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