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Zinc Oxide Tape is commonly used by Athletes to prevent sports injuries and to help wounds and cuts heal faster. It can also be used to immobilise a joint to prevent pain when undertaking sports and exercise.

At Meglio, we stock two different sizes of Zinc Oxide Tape - 3.8cm x 9.1m & 5cm x 13.7m. Now available in both Brown and White.

Zinc Tape can also be used for the prevention of blisters by taping around sensitive areas for example, toes and heels when running.

Benefits of using Zinc Oxide Tape:

  • - It can be used to help wounds heal faster
  • - Zinc Tape can be used to prevent the movement of weak joints
  • - It can be used to protect vulnerable joints from injury
  • - It can be applied to prevent/reduce blisters
  • - Zinc Tape can help reduce swelling and bruising

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