We’re on a mission.

It is not only our passion, but it is our duty to help protect the environment and the planet we occupy. At Meglio, we are making concerted efforts to reduce our products’ impact by using more sustainable materials, reusing, recycling, and reducing waste along our supply chain.

Our promise is to make sustainability and environmental conservation a part of everything we do at Meglio. As a young company, we have a lot to learn about the impact we have on the planet. Our promise is not perfection, but consistent progress, week on week, year on year. Our sustainability action plan targets the highest possible standards, starting now and continuing indefinitely.

What Makes Up Our Products & Packaging

We take great care and great pride in our products and our packaging. We guarantee high quality, safe products, manufactured to exceptional standards.

We are renowned for Resistance bands and we sell a lot. Not only are they Latex-Free for customer safety, but they are created using environmentally friendly TPE (Thermoplastic elastomer). TPE is eco-friendly, as it is made using non-toxic recycled biodegradable plastics. TPE materials are recyclable, since they can be molded, extruded and reused like plastics. TPEs also consume less energy during production, which is another reduction to our environmental footprint.

As a rule, we are always looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment throughout product creation, from the materials we use, to the way we design. We know materials have significant environmental impact, so we’re making our products from materials that are more sustainable while maintaining outstanding performance.

How Our Products Are Made

We believe world-class manufacturing begins with respect for people and the environment. Since our creation, we have built long term relationships with suppliers who share our commitment to making products more responsibly and sustainably. We choose to work together with ISO accredited suppliers to ensure our products are created with as little environmental impact as possible.

How We Operate Our Business

Every part at Meglio, from design to manufacturing, logistics to retail, is accountable and committed to sustainability. It is a team effort to drive innovation and create solutions for our customers, our business and the world.

We are focused on reducing our impact where we have the greatest environmental footprint: carbon and energy, waste, water and chemistry.

How Our Products Travel

In order to provide customers with our premium products, we work with top international suppliers from around the world.

By air, land or sea? Sea freight is a far more environmentally friendly option than air freight; it just takes significantly longer. But, through improved planning and forecasting, we can better prepare for future launches to use sea freight at every possible opportunity.

As an online only retailer, one of the key challenges is our final mile emissions. We are always looking at ways to reduce this and working alongside our delivery partners, we are committed to driving down their environmental impact.

How We Work Alongside Our Partners

We know we can’t change the world alone, so we’re collaborating with our suppliers, warehousing and delivery partners to unite our environmental plan.

We are constantly driving change and taking steps to improve our packaging and reduce overall waste. Whether it be the use of recycled paper from an onsite recycling unit at our warehouse, to removing excess bubble wrap and protection in our packaging, we are determined to minimise our effect on the planet.

Winners! Our warehousing partner was selected as the overall winner of the 2017 UKWA Environment award for outstanding awareness and contribution to the environment they operate in. We are delighted to work with partners who share the same vision and passion for the environment as us.

How Our Team Travel

As a company with health and fitness at the core, we encourage our employees to look after themselves, both physically and mentally. We promote walking, running and cycling to work and encourage our team to use public transport over personal cars where possible. We give our team the tools to strive physically and mentally, whether it be funding towards a new bike, time off to go for a run, lunchtime Yoga sessions or an early finish on a Friday to see friends and family. We are committed to positive change and as a caring, responsible employer, look after our team and the planet.

Walk The Walk - The Proof

Awarded with ISO 14001, Meglio complies with environmental laws and regulations in the UK and in Europe. 

What This Means For Us?

  • Use less energy – through energy efficiency improvements made across our product life cycle.
  • Reduced environmental impact – through monitoring and controlling our processes, we can help reduce our effect on the ecosystem.
  • Compliance with legislation – implementing ISO 14001 means that we as an organisation, understands and can prove that we comply with applicable environmental legislation.

What This Means For You?

  • Alignment with ethical choices – in a world increasingly concerned with the impact of industry on the environment, ISO 14001 certification acts as a seal of approval that the services we provide are environmentally conscious.
  • Assurance of service – certification acts as proof that Meglio complies with environmental legislation.

Making The Change

To make our environmental strategy possible, we need to work even closer each day with our team of suppliers and partners, ensuring our values and our vision are moving in the same direction. Although we are still in the early steps of our journey, as a relatively small company and community, we have grown and progressed since our inception. We have become increasingly able to work directly and openly with more suppliers to ensure a collaborative, united approach to our promise.

This isn’t the end of our environmental journey. It is just the start. Let’s get going!