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10 Resistance Loop Band Exercises To Start Your Training!

10 Resistance Loop Band Exercises To Start Your Training!

Resistance loops are an extra-easy exercising tool that comes in various colours/resistance levels. Meglio Resistance Loops will assist you to enhance your health and stamina. If you are looking for a tool that helps you with chronic pain, ankle injury, shoulder and knee problems, issues with lower, middle and upper back, posture improvement, bone health, enhancing overall strength and many more, the Meglio Resistance Loop is YOUR tool.

Resistance Loop Benefits

Meglio Resistance Loops offer you a broad range of benefits. You can give your body the optimum of exercise variations. Step by step, the Meglio Resistance Loop allows you to challenge your training routine and therefore enhance your overall wellbeing.

# Exercise to-go
Easily storable in your bag, the Meglio Resistance Loop enables you to exercise wherever you feel the urge to do so. You can make the best out of your time.

# Target all muscles
The resistance loop is the simplest way possible to target all muscle groups in your body. With Meglio Resistance Loops, you can easily adjust your workouts accordingly.

# Bone health
Another benefit which comes with the training with resistance tools is an increase in bone health. Bones get stronger through resistance.

Resistance Loop Exercises

Well, grab your Meglio Resistance Loop and improve your health journey. We present you the top 10 moves and exercises with resistance loops.

#1 Shoulder Shape Pulls

Put the loop around your wrists and bring your arms up, Bend to elbows to a right angle and make sure your upper arms are now parallel to the ground. Shoulders slide down away from the ears. Your elbows are shoulder-width apart. Now rotate your shoulders outwards, open your chest, make sure your core is strong and the lower back does not overarch. With control, bring your arms apart as far as you can. Hold for a second and in slow motion guide your arms back to the starting position.

#2 Lat Pull-Downs

Grab the resistance loop with our hands and close them. Extend your arms overhead shoulder-width apart. Now keep your left arm still and pull your right arm down to the side. Your right elbow bends to a 90° angle. In a controlled motion, bring your right arm back up overhead and repeat the movement on the other side.

#3 Unilateral squad with resistance loops

Stand slightly wider than hip-width apart. Put the resistance loop around the arch of your right foot and grab it with your right hand. Now extend your arms straight in front of you and lower into a squat by hinging the hips backwards. Keep your spine straight, and chest lifted and return to starting position. Repeat 8x and switch to the other side.

#4 Lateral lunge with resistance loops

Place a resistance loop around both of your ankles and place your feet a little further than shoulder-width apart. Stand up with a straight spine and place your hands on your hips. Take a big step out to the right and bend your knee, make sure knee is over the toes. Hinge your hips with a straight spine. Hold for a moment and return to starting position by pushing your foot in the ground and engaging your thigh. Repeat 8x and switch to the other side.

#5 Lateral walk with resistance loops

Put a loop around your ankles and get into a slight squat position. Take a big step to the right with your right foot and let your left foot follow. Make sure you are in a slight squat position and maintain a mild tension in the resistance loop throughout the entire exercise. Take 5 steps to the right and reverse direction.

#6 Standing glute kicks with resistance loops

Place a resistance loop around your ankles and put your feet together. Place your hands on your hips or for more support, place them onto a wall. Shift your weight to your left leg and place the tip of the right foot slightly behind you. Engage your core and glutes. Make sure your lower back does not overarch. With power and control kick your straight leg back as far as you can and bring your tiptoes back to the ground. Repeat 8x and switch sides.

#7 Glute bridge resistance loops

Lie on your back with your hands at your sides, palms facing down, bend your knees, and put your feet flat on the ground hip-width apart. Put a resistance loop around your thighs, above your knees. Press our feet in the ground, squeeze your glutes and abs and push through your heels to lift your hips. Make sure your body is one straight line from the shoulders to the knees. Hold this position for a moment and push your knees slightly apart, so that you feel a slight tension in the loop. Slowly and with control lower your hips back to the ground.

#8 Lateral leg raise resistance loops

Lie on your right side and loop a resistance band around your ankles. Extend and straight both legs out. Bend your right elbow and support your head with your hand. Put your left hand on the ground to maintain stability. Your hips are stacked, and your body is in one line. Lift your left leg and keep it straight by engaging your glutes. Lift as high as you can and make sure your lower back does not arch. In a controlled motion, bring it back to the start. Repeat 8x and change sides.

#9 Bicycle crunches resistance loops

Start with a seated position and put the resistance loop around your feet. Bend knees and rest your heels on the floor. Lean yourself back to 45°, engage your core and bring your hands behind your head. Now rotate from the upper back and waist to bring your right elbow to the left knee. Left knee is bent, and the right leg is extended. Now alternate and bring your left elbow to the right knee. The left leg extends, and the right knee is bent.

#10 Seated thigh push with resistance loops

Take a seat on a chair and put your feet hip-width apart. Place a resistance loop around your thighs, right above your knees. Now push your thighs outwards. Slowly bring your legs back to the starting position.

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Every exercise can be modified easily. You can simplify the moves by either using walls/ground/objects for more support. You can use these sequences as a workout routine or as you feel. Always listen to your body and make sure you train with control. Meglio Resistance Loops will help you to make the best out of your training programs.

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