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The Benefits of Zinc Oxide Tape

The Benefits of Zinc Oxide Tape

What is Zinc Oxide Tape?

Some of you might have heard about zinc oxide ways back in chemistry class or might have stumbled upon the term in a pharmacy or drug store.

Zinc oxide is a chemical compound of zinc and oxygen. It is often used in medicine for skin and wound treatment due to its antiseptic properties.

Zinc oxide tape is a firm and rigid tape with one adhesive side. It is commonly used by athletes to prevent sports injuries, immobilise joints, prevent blisters on sensitive areas and many more. One of its attributes it, that adheres excellently to the skin, which allows an even better stabilisation of weak joints, particularly wrists, ankles and fingers. Some people use it to stick it on areas prone to rubbing to protect or prevent blisters and bruises.

zinc oxide tape

What are the Benefits of Zinc Oxide Tape?

Zinc Oxide, the Ancient Healer

It is assumed that zinc oxide is used for over 3000 years to treat skin wounds. Nowadays, zinc oxide is used to accelerate wound healing, especially on skin and soft tissue. Zinc promotes a faster regrow of the skin, through enhancing blood flow and pulling new cells towards the wound.

Zinc Oxide and the Absorbing Effect

Zinc oxide tends to dry out weeping sores. It has an astringent effect on the skin, shrinks pores and absorbs excess fluids from the surface. Therefore it is a very useful tool to ease bruises and blisters and even prevent sensitive areas like heels and toes from them when applied in advance.

Antiseptic and Antibacterial

Another great benefit of using zinc oxide tape is its antiseptic and antibacterial effect on wounds, bruises and blisters. It does not only promote new skin growth and fluid absorption. It additionally helps to destroy bacterial cell membranes through its nanoparticular properties.

Zinc Oxide Tape Prevents Movement in Weak Joints

Due to its rigid and firm attributes, it promotes stability in weak joints when applied correctly. It is commonly used among athletes and physiotherapists to give extra support to vulnerable body parts. It can also be used to immobilise a joint to prevent pain when undertaking sports and exercise.

Protects Skin and Reduces Swelling and Bruising

When applied correctly, the zinc oxide tape can reduce swelling through compression.

Protects Vulnerable Body Parts from Injury

Taping and strapping weak body parts such as wrists, ankles, fingers and other joints with a Meglio Zinc Oxide Tape can protect and perfectly support those areas from being injured. The stability provided allows you to perform your exercises safely and reliably.

Durable and Long-lasting

The Meglio zinc oxide tape is suitable for strapping over long periods. It tolerates water and humid circumstances. It is designed to be durable and to ensure safe exercising.

How to Apply Zinc Oxide Tape

Skin Preparation

Meglio zinc oxide tape is most adhesive on clean, washed skin. Make sure to remove all excess oils, creams and ideally hair.

Unwind and Tear Tape

The zinc oxide tape is hassle free to tear off, almost like a very thick paper. The best way to apply is to unwind the tape as you roll it over the needed areas and then tear or cut it off.

Apply Tape

The rigid tape is not stretchable. Therefore it is crucial to apply it not too tight to ensure sufficient blood circulation in targeted areas. Press and rub the tape as you stick it to the skin. The adhesive is most effective when reaching body temperature.

It has shown to be adequate to work with the tape strip-by-strip, which means if you want to stabilise a joint: go around once, tear/cut it off, go around, tear/cut it off.

Caution with Sensitive Skin

Even though the zinc oxide tape has excellent properties to heal skin wounds, it should be handled with care on sensitive and damaged skin, as the removing might cause some irritation. Please refer to a professional if you feel the tape might irritate.


Zinc oxide tape is suitable for professional athletes, hikers, sports lovers, physiotherapists and countless more. Due to its antiseptic and stabilising properties, it is commonly used to assist in wound healing, joint stabilisation, prevent injuries and limit bruises and blisters. Nothing can stop your love for movement.

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