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Top 10 Moves with Massage Balls

Top 10 Moves with Massage Balls

Muscles can be shortened or tightened by sitting too long and wrongly. Making one-sided movements and not compensatory exercises can also increase the risks of tight muscle spots. Have you ever felt this one tight knot in your back or shoulder blades and no one near to give you a quick massage? Well, we all experienced it. The Meglio Massage Balls targets exactly the tight knots and spots where you need it. It is a super easy tool to relieve pain in just a few moments. Tight muscle spots come with a long list of side-effects, such as headache, numbness, fatigue, chronic pain, irritability and many more. But many everyday problems are often so easy to solve. Get ready, fit and pain-free with the Meglio Massage Balls.


# Trigger point release

How can I quickly ease tight muscle spots? The Meglio Massage Ball is designed to target all the painful spots and areas in your muscle tissue. It is perfect if you want to hit a place where you need some extra massage directly.

# Calms the nervous system

How to calm the nervous system? The massage effect of the balls helps calm your nervous system. The tissue gets more nourished through the massage movement and therefore experiences less stress.

# Increases blood and lymphatic flow

Is there a way to increase blood circulation? The spiky Meglio Massage Balls assist your blood and lymphatic flow to do its work more efficiently and give your circulation an extra boost in needed areas.

# Feelgood on the road

How can I get muscle relief when I have no time? The Meglio Massage Balls need no extra bag to store. They are so small and light you can easily fit them in every pocket or bag. You can use them in nearly every situation with no extra workout or massage equipment needed.


Grab you Meglio Massage Balls and join us with our top 10 moves. Make sure you roll your ball over muscle tissue and avoid rolling it directly over your bones. Take your time to find the trigger points and focus on those spots. If you want to refresh your moves, store the massage ball in the freezer and enjoy a cooling massage.

#1 Neck massage

Lie down on the ground and place a massage ball underneath your neck. You can start by putting it on the right muscular cord of your neck. Avoid placing it directly onto your cervical spine. Place the ball on a spot where it feels right for you and hold this position up to 30 seconds. Gently move your head from side to side. Bring it down your cervical spine with your hands and hold the position. When you finished the right cord, you can move on to the left side. Always be gentle in your movements and listen to your body.

#2 Forearm massage

Place the massage ball on a table. Put your right forearm on the ball and press it down. You can start with a pronated hand (palm facing down). Roll from your wrist to your elbow and back. Repeat 10 times. Supinate your hand (palm facing up) and repeat the movement. For more intensity, place your other hand on top of your forearm. When you are done, repeat the move on the left forearm.

#3 Foot massage

Enjoy the pleasure of a foot massage with a massage ball. Place the ball on the ground. Hold on to a wall and place one foot on the ball. By rolling back and forth, you will feel the tight spots. You can easily modify the intensity by bringing more pressure on your soles. This exercise can also easily be done while sitting. When you are ready, take it to the other foot.

#4 Hand massage

The hand massage is simple but effective. Either place the massage ball on the table or between your hands. Roll it around your palms and your fingers.

#5 Shoulder blade massage

Stand close to a wall. Place a massage ball under your shoulder blades by squeezing it in between the wall and your back. By bending and extending your knees, you can roll your massage ball up and down the tight spots around your shoulder blades. For more stability, place your hands on your upper thighs. Here you can also play with the intensity by pressing your back more firmly against the wall.

#6 Pectorals massage

For this exercise, use the wall for support. Place a massage ball at the inner side of your right shoulder joint. Try to roll the ball horizontally over your pectoral muscles. Slowly, bring it back and forth 10 – 12 times. Focus on your posture here as well. Do not overarch in your lower back and keep your core activated. When you are ready, take it to the left side.

#7 Glute massage

Sit down on the ground and bend your knees. Keep your feet flat on the ground. Place a massage ball under your right glute. Bring your hands to the floor for support. Press your hands now into the ground and roll your ball on the glute till you find the ‘juicy’ spots. Roll around as long as you feel ease or hold one position for up to 30 seconds. To modify and intensify the move, you can bring your left foot over your right knee. When you are ready, move on to the left side.

#8 Hamstring massage

Take a seat on the ground and extend your right leg. Bend your left knee and place your foot flat on the ground. Place a massage ball under your right thigh. Bring your arms slightly behind you for support. By pressing your left foot on the ground, you can shift your weight slightly forward and backwards. Roll around the target areas and hold position when you find the ‘sweet’ spot. Repeat on the other leg. To modify, sit down on a chair and place a massage ball under your right thigh.

#9 Quad massage

Lie down on the ground with your belly facing the mat. Support your upper body with your forearms. Engage your core and activate your lower back. You don’t want to overarch in your lower back. Place a massage ball under your right thigh (quadriceps). Tuck your toes, so your legs ‘levitate’ slightly parallel to the ground. By pushing your toes and forearms forward and backwards so you can roll around your quadriceps. When you are done, repeat on the left side.

#10 Hip massage

Lie down on the ground on your right side. Straighten your legs. Now bring your left foot over your right leg and place it flat on the ground in front of you. Support your upper body by placing your right forearm flat on the ground. Place a massage ball under your right hip. Bring your other arm in front of you for more stability. Roll around your hip area to find the tight spots (tissue not bone). Roll slowly and with control. Take care not to compromise your lower back here. When you are ready, repeat the exercise on the other side. To modify this exercise, you can also do it in a vertical posture against the wall.

In the beginning, rolling your tight spots can be a bit painful. This feeling will ease over time, and you will quickly just enjoy the benefits of exercising with a Meglio Massage Ball. Always modify to either intensify or relieve the pressure on your target areas. When you feel painful spots, make sure to connect to your breath. It will help you to ease the pain faster and more efficiently. Get relaxed and pain-free with Meglio.

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