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Top 10 Moves with Resistance Bands

Top 10 Moves with Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands are a great addition to any workout routine or rehabilitation therapy program and are available in a variety of sizes, lengths, and resistance levels. Usually, resistance bands were used in the rehabilitation, respectively, for people who are coming back from injuries. Resistance bands are perfect if you are suffering from back and hip pain, ankle injury, shoulder impairment, weak muscle tone, chronic pain symptoms, knee problems and countless more. More and more people are now discovering resistance bands for their workout routines at home or in the gym. Resistance Bands allow you to enhance your strength, flexibility and muscle tone wherever you are.


Why are resistance bands so useful? There are numerous benefits. Let’s name a few.

Anytime and everywhere!

Exercise wherever and whenever you want! It is a light, handy and portable tool which takes almost no space in your bag. It is a small tool with a big range of possibilities.

Cost-effective workout!

Resistance bands are giving you a cost-effective workout. Whether you buy them in a set or individually the value for money you get is non-comparable to other training objects on the market.

Easily adaptable!

By individually adjusting the slack, you decide how intense you want the resistance of your band to be. Since the bands come in a variety of strengths and lengths, you have even more possibilities to adapt the workout to your personal needs.

Whole-body experience!

The resistance band allows you to train nearly every major muscle group in your body. By involving different objects like door handles and so on, the resistance band opens up countless exercise possibilities.


Grab your Meglio Resistance Band now and get started with our top 10 listed moves with resistance bands.

1 Triceps extension With Resistance Band

Stand on the resistance band with both legs. Put your feet shoulder-width apart. Grab the ends of the band with each hand and let your hands meet behind your head. Make sure you feel a very slight tension in the band. Now extend your arms as you would with a regular triceps extension. Release slowly and with control. (For more grip: wrap the band around your hand)

2 Shoulder extension With Resistance Band

Secure the band to an anchor about waist level. Grab it and pull your arm backwards, keeping the shoulder low and the elbow extended. With controlled movement, return to the starting position and repeat on the other side.

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3 Knee extension With Resistance Band

Attach the resistance band to the ankle and lie face down on a mat. Attach the other end to a secure anchor near the head or shoulders. Start with the knee bent. Now, extend the knee and feel the resistance. Slowly move back to start position and repeat on the other side.

4 Good morning squat With Resistance Band

Stand with both feet on the resistance band, about shoulder-width apart. For the starting position, hold one end in each hand, arms extended, close to the body and palms facing backwards.

Bend your knees, push your bum back, keep a straight spine and fold from the hips. Make sure the knees are above the toes and do not surpass them. Stop when your torso is parallel to the ground (or as you feel). Slowly and with control, push your hips again back forward, lift your chest and squeeze your glutes.

5 Lat pull down With Resistance Band

Attach the resistance band to a secure anchor above you. Make your stance staggered so that one foot stands in front of the other, but keeping a hip-width posture. For starting position, make sure there is tension in the band. Grab the ends with each hand and extend your arms towards the ceiling, pointing the anchor. Lean your torso slightly forward. Keep your core tight, spine straight and chest lifted. Slowly pull your arms down and keep your shoulders low. Elbows are now in a right angle and sideways to your chest. Hold for a moment and squeeze your shoulder blades tight. Slowly release to the starting position.

6 Kneeling crunch With Resistance Band

Loop the band to an anchor (such as the top of a door) behind you, grab the ends with each hand and kneel. Bend your elbows to shoulder level, keeping your hands close to the shoulders. Now, engage your core and crunch down toward your hips while contracting your abs. Watch your lower back while slowly returning to the starting position. For more comfort, put a pillow underneath your knees.

7 Pull-Apart With Resistance Band

For the starting position: stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, hold a resistance band with both hands in front of your body with extended arms at shoulder height. Grip the band so that there’s about a foot in between your hands. Keep your arms at shoulder height and slowly pull the band apart. In a controlled movement, bring your hands back to the starting position.

8 Chest fly With Resistance Band

Loop your band around something stable and secure behind you. Make sure it is at head level. Grab the ends and spread your arms straight to the side (like a T), with palms facing forward. Put one foot forward and make your stance staggered. Make sure there is tension in the band. Now you have your starting position. Keep your arms straight with a slight bend in the elbows and let your hands meet in front of you. Slowly, with control, extend your arms back to the starting position.

9 Biceps curl With Resistance Band

Stand with both feet (shoulder-width apart) on the resistance band. Grab one end in each hand; arms extended, palms facing forward, making a fist. Keep your elbows close and tight to the sides of your body. Slowly curl your hands up toward your shoulders and stop for a second to hold when you feel most resistance in your biceps muscle. Now, slowly lower your hands back to the starting position.

10 Wood chopper With Resistance Band

Attach the resistance band to a secure anchor above you. Stand to the right of it, feet shoulder-width apart, and grab onto the free end with both hands. Hold it in front of your body, by your left shoulder.

Pull the band diagonally across your body toward your right hip. Twist your lower torso as you pull. In slow and controlled motion, bring the band back to the starting position. Turn around and repeat on the other side.

All moves and exercises can be done as a program or individually. To start, you can repeat each exercise 10 x and increase as needed.

The resistance band might seem like a simple tool, but it comes packed with a full range of benefits. Resistance bands are usable as part of a variety of fitness routines and workouts. Improve your health, strength and muscle tone with resistance bands.

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