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Top 5 Cool Down Yoga Moves

Top 5 Cool Down Yoga Moves

Are you one of those who likes to skip restorative moves after a workout? Or are you one of those who sees the benefits of cooling down after a hardcore cardio-training, long run or working out at the gym?

Cooling down after a workout session is as equally important as the training itself, so do experts say. Not only you are minimising the risk of injury, but you are also helping your body to get in shape faster. Training or working out creates a great foundation to get even more benefits of the cooling down session. You can go deeper into the restorative poses, which makes them even more effective.

Balance is key. Restorative stretching, poses or movements help you to balance actions you took while working out. Restorative poses can be twists, bends, stretches, hip opening and many more, which can give you a better understanding and feeling for your body.

Practising cooling down moves regularly will enrich your whole workout routine. It helps to relieve stress, chronic back pain, inflexibility and bad body posture. It balances energy levels, tones up the body and increases happiness, immunity, fitness levels and countless more.


What are the benefits of cooling down moves?

Faster recovery

How to recover faster after a workout? How to ease muscle soreness after training? Researches show that cooling down moves after exercising can reduce post-workout muscle soreness. Cooling down gives your body the chance to relax and the muscles to lengthen, which helps not only to feel less muscle pain but also increases the range of motion.

Enhances nutrient supply

How to increase nutrient supply in the body? The circulation in the body can be improved and therefore enables better distribution of nutrients. Paired with a healthy diet, it becomes even more effective because the essential nutrients can be absorbed faster. The body can break down toxins or acids more quickly, which are also responsible for sore muscles.

Makes you feel incredibly good

How to feel good? Cooldown exercises are an excellent way to relax the body after a hard workout. This, in turn, results in better mood and well-being. It calms the nerves, and you can handle everyday things much more relaxed. Forget stress!


Grab some water, your mat and your yoga bolster to cool down with Meglio after your training routine.


Stand more than hip-width apart, lock your knees and engage your knee caps. Let your feet point forward. Interlace your fingers behind your back. Align your spine, draw your shoulders back and away from the ears and lift your chest. On your next exhale, bend forward, hinging from the hips with a straight spine. Let your hands follow that movement. Pause until you feel a slight stretch in the back of your legs and your shoulders and let yourself enjoy. Play with the stretch, go deeper if you feel like. You should never feel a stabbing pain in your muscles or joints. A dump sensation in the muscles is allowed. Always listen to your body. Try 30 seconds and slowly with control and a straight spine come back up.


Lie down on your mat with your belly facing the floor. Bring your legs together and tilt your hips forward, so you have an excellent foundation to start the pose. Place your hands close to your upper body under your shoulders. Engage your core, straighten your neck and lift your chest slightly by pressing your weight into your hands. This is an excellent exercise for your back. On your next exhale, bring yourself back down to the floor. On your next inhale, repeat and stay there for 20 seconds.


Take a seat on your mat. Bring the soles of your feet together and pull them towards your middle with your hands. If you need support for your knees, you can either place a yoga bolster or a yoga block underneath. Enjoy the stretch of your inner thighs and hips. Now, align your spine and hinge forward from your hips, not your back. That brings you even deeper into the stretch. Stay there for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Good job!


Sit down on your mat into a lotus position. Draw your shoulder back and away from the ears, lift your chest, engage your core and align your spine. Proper alignment is crucial here. Extend your hands over your head and keep your shoulders down. On your next exhale, stretch to your right by bringing your right hand to the floor. You should feel a gentle stretch on your left side. Intensify the stretch by going deeper, but never compromise your alignment here. Stay there for 30 seconds and come back to the centre in a controlled motion. Repeat on the other side for 30 seconds.


Place your yoga mat close to a wall. Lie down on your back and bend your knees. Let your buttock touch the wall and let your feet wander up the wall. Place your hands wherever it feels right for you. Ideally, your legs are extended, but go as you think. To support your lower back, you can place a yoga bolster underneath your sacrum. Enjoy this beautiful posture for at least 5 minutes. Ladies, please skip this inversion pose, when you are menstruating.


Want to make the best out of your workout? Make sure to keep balanced with cool down sessions and enjoy all the great benefits that come with it. If you want to feel less stressed, try out our short guide. Get relaxed with Meglio.

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