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10 Gym Ball Exercises

As some might recognise the gym ball from recent physiotherapy sessions, the gym ball experiences a great revival these days. Not just for therapists to rehabilitate patients but also for everyone’s private workouts. Why is the gym ball so great? The Meglio Gym Ball is a very versatile workout tool, with almost endless possibilities. It is a very powerful accessory when it comes to strengthening the back and core. It can help people suffering from muscles imbalances, stability problems, chronic back pain, and most of all, poor body posture and tension. Enjoy the countless exercise opportunities with the Meglio Gym Ball. The gym ball is made of extra-durable materials to give you extensive workout experience.


# Improves spine health

How can I improve my spine health? Our spine is doing a great job all day long. You can support your spine by incorporating a Meglio Gym Ball into your daily routine. Enjoy all the benefits which come with a gym ball workout. What a great way to strengthen your spine and back.

# Increases stability

How can I enhance my stability and balance? The wobbling of the Meglio Gym Ball forces your body to balance it out. This is an excellent way to keep your stabiliser muscles working throughout the entire training practices. Adding an extra level of instability to your movements gives you even more benefits.

# Strengthens core

What can I do to strengthen my core? Even just sitting 10 minutes a day on a Meglio Gym Ball can strengthen your core and abdominal muscles. It is effortless to implement in your daily life.


Grab your Meglio Gym Ball and follow the quick and effective workout with our top 10 listed exercises. Always pay great attention to your alignment to prevent yourself from injuries. Listen to your body and enjoy the benefits.

#1 Gym ball sit-ups

Sit on a gym ball and walk your feet forward gradually. Your feet are about hip-width apart and flat on the ground. Lean yourself back and cross your arms in front of you and place your hands close to your shoulders. You can feel your buttock and lower back supported by the gym ball. Slowly bring yourself further back. Keep your neck neutral here and make sure not to touch your chest with your chin. Engage your core and come up for your first sit-up. Repeat 10 times. If you want to intensify your move, place your hands either behind your head or extend them out over your head. Go slow and with control and always pay great attention to your body and posture.

#2 Press-up

Place a gym ball against a wall or a steady object. Come down to your knees, keep them closed. Place your hands on the ball naturally. Make sure your hips are over your knees. Activate your core and tip your hips slightly forward. Your shoulders are back and down, your neck neutral, and your gaze forward. Now bring your chest to the gym ball by bending your elbows. For a better understanding, your elbows are going outwards. Let the chest slightly touch the ball and by pressing your hands into the ball, bring yourself up to starting position. The next level would be to bring your knee even further away from the ball. If you want to intensify this one, lift the knees off the ground into a ‘classic’ push-up position (with your hands on the ball). Begin with 10 repetitions.

#3 Hamstring curl

Place a gym ball against a wall or a steady object. Lie down on the ground on your back and place your calves on the ball. Keep your arms by your sides, your palms facing down and your feet pointed the entire move. Start by lifting your buttock off the ground. Activate your core, squeeze your glutes and make sure not to overarch in your lower back. Now roll the ball towards your buttock by bending your knees. You can play with the intensity of this exercise by either bending or extending your knees and legs more or less. Go as you feel and start with 10 repetitions.

#4 Plank 1

Place a gym ball against a wall or a steady object. The plank 1 exercise has the same starting position as our press-ups (# 2). But, instead of going into a press-up move, try to hold the position 10 to 20 seconds. Pay attention to your alignment. Level 1: hips over your knees, straight spine. Level 2: walk your knees further away from the ball; make sure to keep your core engaged and your lower back flat. Level 3: to challenge yourself, lift the knees off the ground, extend your legs and do not collapse in your lower back. That’s it.

#5 Tricep press-ups

Place a gym ball against a wall or a steady object. Come down to your knees and place your hands on the ball in a W-shape (thumbs touching). Your hips are over your knees, your core is engaged, and your shoulders are back and down. Draw your elbows in, as you go down and bend your elbows, your elbows are pointing to the ground. Keep your nose directly over your thumbs the entire move; this will help you to keep you aligned. Bend your elbows and press yourself back up to starting position. That was 1 move. Repeat 10 times. To intensify, place your knees further away from the ball or lift them off the ground. (Similar to #2 and #4).

#6 Lying V pass

Lie down on your back. Bend your knees and place your feet flat on the ground. Grab a gym ball with both hands and reach it over your head with extended arms. Make sure your lower back is flat on the ground the whole movement. Tip the ball on the ground and move it towards your legs. Lift your legs off the floor and grab the ball by pinching it between your legs. For stability, place your arms next to you with the palms facing down. Lower your legs towards the ground without creating a gap between your lower back and the floor. Lift your legs back up and pass the ball to your hands again. That was one move. You can enhance the intensity by lowering the ball to the ground with your hands without tipping the ball on the floor. As well as lowering your legs even further to the ground. Repeat 10 times and focus on your core.

#7 Back raises

Place the gym ball against a steady object so that it won’t slide away. Come down to your knees and close enough to the ball to be able to place your belly over it. Bring your hands behind your hand and activate your back muscle cords by bending back through your spine. Your neck/head should be like an extension of your spine, so do not overarch or bend too much. Always listen to your body while bending back. Even gentle bends are great for mobilising your spine. To take it one step further, you can lift your knees off the ground and bend from there. If you feel like, you can even extend your arms for a level 3 workout. Give it 10 repetitions.

#8 Squats

Grab a gym ball and step more than shoulder-width apart. Knees, feet and hips facing forward all aligned. Hold the ball in front of you and engage your core while bringing your buttock back and out. The spine is straight, chest lifted, and the neck neutral. Squeeze your glutes while getting back up. To spice it up a bit, extend your arms out and bring your arms above your head when you come back up. To add a little extra challenge, you can raise your calves when your hands are over your head. Repeat 10 times.

#9 Knee lifts leg extension

Sit on a gym ball with your feet about hip-width apart and feet, knees and hips all facing forward. Make sure your knees are bent to a maximum of 90°. Engage your core, bring your shoulders back and down and pull up through the crown of your head, so you have a nice straight spine. Now begin to lift your right knee off the ground and bring it back down. Alternate. To challenge your posture here, you can bring your hands behind your back. To level it up, you can bring your knee up and extend your leg. Bend your knee again and place your foot on the ground. Alternate and repeat 10 times on each side. Make sure your gym ball is not wobbling around, and you have a stable posture.

#10 Plank 2

Place a gym ball against a wall or a steady object. Bring your hands to the ground with your shoulders over your wrists. Your arms are extended here and place your feet on the gym ball with your palms facing the sky. While you move into this posture, ensure to keep your shoulders back and down and your arms firm. This makes it easier to get your feet up. Your core is activated, and your belly button is drawn into the spine. This posture requires consistent body tension. If this pose is too challenging, you can always modify to a plain plank on the floor with either lifted legs and extended arms or your knees on the ground. Try to hold this position at least 10 seconds.

Make sure your technique is correct. Do the exercises very slow at the beginning to ensure proper posture. Always work with your breath and increase the repetitions and intensity over time. Make the best out of your day and routine with a Meglio Gym Ball for overall body strength.

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